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Black Box Recorder – Child Psychology

16 Sep

Back home

16 Sep

I‘m back home again. It went well today too! But I’m so exhausted now. Feels like my body wont’ even obey me. Forcing my self to cook dinner now! I’m just going to lay on the sofa watching 90210 and Swedish Idol!

First interview done!

15 Sep

I‘m home ( at my parents) after the first interview. I think it went very well, at least it feels that way. But I wont know until next week. I changed my clothes, drank some green tea and watched days of our lives (yes I actually watch that show – ha ha. I think of it as a kind of sci fi show…). Now I’m going to sit on the porch in the early autumn sun and study. It feels like a perfect day!

And there’s new episodes out of GG and OTH! (I’m making my taste in TV-series sound really bad…but I actually watch some of the good ones as well…)

My mom gave me these necklaces yesterday

Starting to get nervous!

14 Sep

So, to day I’ve been preparing for my interview to morrow! It’s at a very nice museum in central Stockholm. Beginning to get really nervous! Been writing a specific application and a personal letter.

I’ve also been eating too much of those little candy canes! My parents always have tons of candy! Ha ha.

I’m waiting for my dad to read trough my papers, hoping to get some helpful inputs on them. After that I’m thinking of going to bed and watch Ponyo on the cliff. I want to wait up until my BF gets home from work (which isn’t until 12.00 PM) so that I can call him and check a few things. But after that I really have to get some sleep. The interview begins early!

Ponyo on the cliff and a cup of ginger-lemon-kamomill tea!


14 Sep

…with banana, ginger, ( a lot of) raspberries among other things. You should try to add a little fresh ginger when you make a smoothie it gives it a nice kick!

The best thing with Stockholm is Kasper!

14 Sep


14 Sep

I’m in Stockholm, staying with my parents for a couple of days since I have two interviews here this week about an internship at two museums.