Wednesday morning

2 Sep

It’s 09:52 AM and I shouldn’t still feel so tired!

I’m sipping my coffee starting to read this book:

My paper that is do Friday is about what kind of essay I want to write and what kind of internship I want. I really want an internship at a museum and I want to write about how it is to work as a project leader (manager) in a museum and also what makes an exhibition a success. This is what I really want to do so my paper have to be really good! And since it’s my last year before I kind of graduate (Don’t have time to explain the system but I guess it is different from other countries) I want it to be something I’m good at so that I feel like I did something good and useful. Hopefully something that will help me find a job after graduation!I am going to read for a while then me and my boyfriend are going to move some more boxes before he has to leave for work and I have to go to the library and pick up 6 more books. It’s really hard to concentrate in this mess. Can’t wait to the weekend when the move is final.


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