Keeping busy

9 Sep

Yesterday I went to buy really dark blue nail polish, but I got home with this one instead:

To day half the class had presentations between 8 – 12 AM and then I had a lunch meeting. After a power nap and some “school work” we continued to get the apartment organized.
This evening we had sushi for dinner, celebrating that the kitchen finally is in order, ha ha.

After dinner we kept working on the apartment and after that we ate pomegranate and watched Swedish Idol on TV.

Now I have to go through all the books on museum work I should keep as research for my essay. I borrowed twelve books and two more is on the way…I kind of exaggerated (maybe not kind of, ha ha) on the amount of books but I want to go trough them thoroughly at home and in peace. You might find something useful in a book you didn’t expect…

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a girl that I’m probably going to collaborate with. Her essay is going to deal with how important pedagogy is for the museum. Mine is more about what makes an exhibition a success and what kind of role the project leader takes, what kind of experience he/she should have and so on (I’m so tired so I’m making it sound boring but it isn’t been working on my essays question(s) at issue and thesis a lot more than it sounds like.

So um, well…keeping busy!


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