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30 May

I’m actually feeling worse today so I guess I have to take back that it’s kind of nice being at home. My BF has been cleaning the apartment today and I feel bad for just lying in bed. It’s so annoying when there’s so much you want to do but you don’t have the energy. But I know I’ll get better soon and now it’s not long until my classes are over and I’ll have much more time to spend as I wish. I want to re-organise my closet and all our book-shelf…I have a long list of things I wanna do 😉

I’ve been looking for some new shoes to wear with maxi-dresses and long skirts. I want something like this:
I like chunky wood heels. I also found a very cute necklace. I’ll probably won’t buy it but I really like it!


29 May

I fear I’ll have to stay at home for at least a couple of days with my sore throat but at least I can get some studying done anyway. My art history class is currently reading On Photography by Susan Sontag and I find it really interesting and also useful for my essay. I have to work on my 20 pages essay I’m writing with a friend and a 6 paper essay about a quote by Kandinsky “Every work of art is the child of its time” and the seminar about the book On Photography.

I rather be out and about but it’s not totally bad being at home drinking tea, reading, writing and cuddling with my chihuahua.

Skirts skirts skirts

28 May

All from ASOS

I usually never go for clothing with sequins on them but I’ve been liking it more and more lately and i I actually like this skirt and would buy it if it wasn’t so expensive.
I’ve also been more drawn to some shades of pink.
I like this style, but I’m not sure I could pull it off.

The first one is too expensive and the other two are out of stock in my size (I’m very petite). But here’s a skirt I might actually add to my latest order:

I’m not sure about which colour to choose. I guess the black one is the safest one.

Friday I’m in…

27 May

…pain. A sore throat and a nasty headache. Perfect. Going to take an asprin and drink some matcha and when the aspirin kicks in I’m going to make a healthy smoothie. I wish I had some ginger at home. Why do I always get sick when I start to eat more healthy and exercise? Hmm…

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The Golden Half

26 May

About the holga flash. I’m very happy with my Diana flash but I wanted a flash that was smaller, sturdier and the best thing – the color filters are stuck on the flash – no need to worry about loosing color gels! As I mentioned I haven’t seen the photos yet but one thing I can say is that I’m not completely happy with it. The light that’s suppose to tell you that the flash is ready to shoot doesn’t always work and the flash takes for ever to load! So I know I have some completely black photos on my roll -_-


I’m so excited to see how the photos tuns out. I probably should have waited with this post until I could do a full-cover review but I couldn’t wait!

The funny thing about that order was that everything matched perfectly!

5 rolls to develop

25 May
I’ve been so bad at uploading photos lately! In two weeks my classes are over and I will spend more time on online creativity! It doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking photos tough – I’ve been shooting like crazy with all my cameras!

I have as much as 5 rolls to develop! My problem now is to choose which ones to send in first. I’m not sure I can’t afford to send them all at once and it’s really hard to choose. Or one is easy – the Kodak 400. Not because it’s a Kodak 400 but because it’s my first roll with my latest baby – my golden half! I’m very found of the half-frames 😉 Also because the photos I took are all taken in Berlin where I recently went with my art history class and we had so much fun! The museums we went to are huge! You need at least a whole day for just one museum! I’m also excited about the 800 iso since it’s taken with the supersampler (a very happy reunion!), the other three I believe are all taken with my Diana Mini.

By the way – I found some really cheap film in Berlin! But I have to order some iso 800 and some 120-film from lomography soon. I’m thinking of taking a lot of color photos this summer and switch to B/W in the fall.

Gonna post photos of my Golden Half soon!

Two dresses ordered from H&M

25 May

I just ordered two dresses from H&M. I have started to really think twice before I buy something and to really think about what I need and not just what I want. And I really do need some simple dresses I can wear every day and hopefully not get tired of too quickly. One of them was on sale and only cost me 7 dollars so I really hope they look good irl and fit well!

I have already thought of what to coordinate the blue dress with. The white one I think just need some flats, a nice bag and maybe a gold necklace ♥