5 rolls to develop

25 May
I’ve been so bad at uploading photos lately! In two weeks my classes are over and I will spend more time on online creativity! It doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking photos tough – I’ve been shooting like crazy with all my cameras!

I have as much as 5 rolls to develop! My problem now is to choose which ones to send in first. I’m not sure I can’t afford to send them all at once and it’s really hard to choose. Or one is easy – the Kodak 400. Not because it’s a Kodak 400 but because it’s my first roll with my latest baby – my golden half! I’m very found of the half-frames 😉 Also because the photos I took are all taken in Berlin where I recently went with my art history class and we had so much fun! The museums we went to are huge! You need at least a whole day for just one museum! I’m also excited about the 800 iso since it’s taken with the supersampler (a very happy reunion!), the other three I believe are all taken with my Diana Mini.

By the way – I found some really cheap film in Berlin! But I have to order some iso 800 and some 120-film from lomography soon. I’m thinking of taking a lot of color photos this summer and switch to B/W in the fall.

Gonna post photos of my Golden Half soon!

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