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La Sardina Cameras

16 Jun

Lomography has launched a new camera. Me wants! Fot more info:


Some Tokyo Street Style fav.

15 Jun

managed to get my resent favorites down to four:

Asos inspiration 2

14 Jun

I gone a little shopping-crazy lately so I need to just STOP for a while but I realized that I could probably make one of these collar-ribbons om my own with the things I really have at home.

I think this is very cute but I would not be brave enough (or comfortable) to wear it except maybe on the beach over a bikini.

Crimson has the best timeing ever!

13 Jun

Crimson is the place I mail my analogue films to, to get developed, and I’ve been waiting to get five rolls back. I got them to day – on my birthday ^__^

Here’s one of Moriko:


13 Jun

I’m free for summer!!

10 Jun

Yeaaay! And of course I have tons to blog about but we have a guest staying over for the week end so I have to clean and prepare! I’ll probably make another post this evening.

I got the question if I have ever tried matcha-ice cream in a comment and my answer is no, I haven’t but I have wanted to for a long time so thanks for the easy tip (to sprinkle it over vanilla ice cream). I’ve also always wanted to try kitkat with matcha flavour. Oh there are so many things with matcha flavour in Japan I want to try!

I use matcha for other things though, like last year when I baked matcha-scones (just add some matcha to the dough) and in my yogurt with musli, I have even used it in smoothies! So if you love matcha – just try it!! There’s tons of free recipes online!

This is the one I use:


I buy it when I visit my parents in Stockholm.

My matcha-scones ♥

I definitely have to bake some matcha-cookies soon!

3 days left of classes

7 Jun

So I’m super busy! Will return comments a.s.a.p! You make me so happy ^____^

I’m currently working on my 6 page essay and eating pocky.

Pocky also makes me happy, eventhoght I like ToppTopp more. Another great thing is that I found a new sushi-place today – finally!