This saturday…

5 Jun

This Saturday me, my BF and our puppy Moriko went to her breeder in a town one hour away. It was a sibling-play-date! For the first time since we got her (December first) we got to see her siblings again. Moriko was in heat so it was a bit stressful for her brother >_<. But it was so great to see them again and to let them meet. Her brother is so cute and her sister was so tiny and fluffy!

Her sister has done great at the latest dog shows! I haven’t participated at any with Moriko yet and I don’t know if I’m going to so it was nice to hear that the breeders other dogs (including Morikos parents) are doing well.

It was a beautiful day, and very hot! I really need to get some sunblock!

Morikos sister Fenix (I’m not sure how they spell it) and her mother Chibi.
Moriko (who got to borrow some panties so no accidents would happen), her “aunt” Peanut and Chibi.
Her beautiful brother Ludde.
My princess, Moriko.
Pretty Fenix.

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