Animal crossing 3ds

14 Sep

My friend manages a videogaming store and I am happy that she’s as crazy about animal crossing as I am. We will never be too old for that game, ha ha. So I was stoked when I saw this and a new trailer:

I hope they’ll make it availeble for download soon!

I also found out that Nintendo is launching the “Misty Pink” color for the 3DS in Japan on the 20th of October. I wonder if it will be released in Europe too? The red one is coming out soon here in Sweden (I bought the black one). My BF  surprised me with the nintendogs + cats game some weeks ago. I can understand why so many people (both children and adults) like it, just like AC it’s kind of relaxing to play it. I’m also playing Zelda spirit tracks, Zelda ocarina of time (Oh the nostalgia) and recreantly finished Professor Layton and the curious village. I loved the curious village and I’m very eager to try the rest of the PL series. Any other Nintendo fans?

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