Gothic Tales

14 Sep

I was suppose to go to the country side for a few days with my mother, but I have a sore throat and decided it would be best for me to stay at home and rest. To bad, I really wanted to go. But I’ll probably go this weekend instead if I feel better then.


I’m taking a class online. I love it. It’s called Gothic Tales and Other Horrifying Literature. Right now I’m reading The Castle of Otranto written by Horace Walpole. It is regarded as the first gothic novel. Gothic fiction basically combines elements of both horror and romance in order to play with the reader’s emotions. I love literature and reading so I’m thinking about taking Comparative Literature next semester (spring).

My desk, reading Walpole. The speakers patiently waiting on a new laptop. Oh and Mujis photo frames are perfect for instants photos!

For this class the list of books we have to read are very long so I’ve been looking on Google books, two different libraries and ibooks, I wouldn’t be able to buy them all and I was very happy to find most of them online. I’m reading The Castle of Otranto on my BFs ipad and even though I prefer holding a book of paper in my hands I have to admit that it’s kinda nice. You can even write down notes and leave bookmarks so if you’re use to scribble in the margins you won’t be disappointed.

Time for some ice cream now!


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