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Two of my favorite movies

30 Oct

Waitress. It’s just wonderful.

Where the heart is
. It’s almost wierd how many Natalie Portman-movies I like.


Update and some webcam shots

28 Oct

So, I finally found a service shop that could help me. Only thing is  it is going to take up to two – three weeks before I have my camera back, and when I get it back I might not have my lens back too T_T I cannot wait to get it back and while I’m  waiting I’ll just have to shoot analog instead.

Now I am having my favorite fall drink (konskenkorva cranberry) and are waiting on my homemade pizza to get done.It could be worse!

So one of my latest knit-projects and the pattern I’m going to add is this case for nintendo 3ds (or anything else in the same size). It’s coming – two different patterns.


28 Oct

I was just about to take some photos of my latest knitting-project when I saw that my lens looked really weird, it also made this strange sound when I tried to take a photo. IT’S BROKEN and stuck, I cannot remove the lens! I’ve been trying to find somewhere to drop it of for repairs but I cannot find a single service shop in my town (how hard could it be – right). It’s times like these I REALLY miss the capital where I grew up, if I were there at least two service shops would be just around the corner.

I feel sad because my weekend plans all involved shooting, I wanted to take the camera with me out into the forest and snap some nice fall-photos. I was also going to take photos of my latest knit project and add a free pattern for it.

The most annoying part about this is that I value my dear camera so much that I’m always so careful with it. When I first got it I didn’t dare to take it out on walks with me for weeks because I was so scared to drop it, I always carry it in my camera bag, always uses the strap and so on. This makes me so sad, and it’s not the first time a lens I got from canon breaks, a while back my AF stopped working on my other one. The next lens will not be from canon I can tell you that. I’m still a huge canon-fan though.

Sorry about all the negativity, I just needed to whine about this a little. I hope your weekend had a better start.

Look what I just bought!

19 Oct

I won an auction online for a used copy  of Animal Crossing for game cube so I also had to order a gamecube gamepad for wii! So this is how I’m going to spend Wednesday evening. Excited!! I loaded up with some dark chocolate and tea ^___^

Moriko in my lap

19 Oct

This is a webcam shot. I tried to take a picture of what I’m wearing today with my canon eos 450 d but I just can’t take outfit-photos of myself, I don’t get how other people do it! It’s so hard! I guess I have to practice, maybe google it? Ha ha. It’s lunch-time! Salmon stew with saffron for me! (leftovers from monday).


18 Oct


When I was little I use to read my sisters copies of ElfQuest. From time to time I been wanting to read them again, mostly because of the nostalgia and memories but also because they are a good read ^^ . I looked for used copies both in Sweden, Amazon and EBay so when I found them all online for free I was ecstatic!

You can read all the issues here!


I take my laptop with me to bed (flash so can’t use ipad) and read one issue every night now (and some during the day if I have the time) I can’t stop!  I’m so looking forward to reading the later issues that I’ve never even heard of!

Fantasy Life from Level 5

16 Oct

My friend told me that a game similar to animal crossing but in a Professor Layton environment is going to be released. Pretty darn exciting! She did not remember what the game was called so I had to look for it online and here’s what I found:

I will go crazy if they do not release this game in Europe! It’s for Nintendo 3DS.