Newbie at work

4 Dec

Sorry about the lack of  update! I’m in Stockholm right now, working in a videogame-store over Christmas. It’s been awesome but A LOT of new info to take in and my days have looked like this: eat-take out Moriko-work-take out Moriko-eat-take out Moriko-sleep. My new co-workers have all been great and I just got home from a welcome-to-the-gang party for me and the other newbie. We had a blast and of course played some games, the new rayman was one of them ^^
The discount is pretty neat and it’s so tempting to work in a store! All of a sudden I want to play every single game. I’m currently playing Professor Layton (Pandoras box), Skyrim and L.A. Noire. I’m thinking of getting Mario kart for 3ds and just dance 3, but the latest Kirby-game is awesome too, especially if you play it together with some friends!

Ofc I miss my BF and apartment but my parents have been a great help and I get to bring Moriko with me to work so it worked out perfectly, esp since it’s just temporary.

Gonna drink tea with my parents now! Gonna try to be more active here next week, I’m still waiting to get my camera back from repairs apparently they had to order some extra parts…




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