Oh Lush, you spoil me!

17 Aug

I can’t really put my finger on why I’m so crazy about Lush but it feels like a lot of  thought, love and humor is behind every product which I find inspiring and creative.

I ordered some products from Lush yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived in the mail to day. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten something I ordered that fast ever! On top of that they included FOUR free samples!

I’m crazy about Lush and since I bought my first shampoo and conditioner from them it felt impossible to use any other brands. I finally found something that works for my hair type! I switched to Lush because my hair was so damaged. I started with Rehab and Retread and when I felt that my hair was healed I switched to their solid shampoo New and American Cream as conditioner. Even when my hair is in good shape it tangles a lot very easily but Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze, a pre-wash treatment to get control of fluffy, untamed hair, takes good care of that.

So I’m bonkers (lol) about their hair products, solid perfumes (to die for!!) and bath bombs and I’m eager to try more of their body lotions, smoothies and their new make up line.


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