All about me – part 2, Favorites

8 Sep


Color: classics like black and white but also warm fall colors.

Food:  Japanese, Italian and Swedish.

Candy: Oh, so many! Lol. I eat too much candy!

Movie: Tree I can think of right now – Amélie från Montmartre, Waitress and Wonder boys.

TV Show: Five I can think of right now: True Blood, Six feet under, Arrested Development, Big Love, Community (My two guilty pleasure shows are Real Housewives of New York and Bachelorette). I guess my taste in both movies and tv series is (are?) mainly drama and/or comedy.

Actor: Ewan McGregor.

Actress: Natalie Portman.

Favorite Author: Haruki Murakami, Monica Fagerholm, John Ajvide Lindqvist.

Band or Singer: Though one! Here’s a few: Blur, Clash, Asha Ali, Tindersticks, Smiths, Fatboy Slim, Miss Li…

Song: Too many to name! But here’s a few: Fire on the mountain – Asa, Dance with me – Nouvelle Vague, My Sister – Tindersticks, Hurricane, Warm Fronts – Asha Ali, Here comes the sun – Nina Simone, Come to Me – Koop. Check them out NOW! ♫ ♪

Holiday: Christmas and Easter ♥

Season: Late summer – early fall!

Day of the week: Don’t know, maybe Thursday because you know the weekend is just around the corner, but both my BF and I work most weekends :/

Store: Panduro Hobby and Lush.

Restaurant: Perhaps Koh Phangang  in Stockholm, haven’t been there for years though…not a huge fan of food/eating out -_-

Sport: Does yoga count? If not, maybe swimming!

Animal: Dogs, dogs, dogs!

Flower: Roses, tulips, lavender…

…heather is lovely too.


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