All about me, Part 3 & 4 – have you ever & the last

9 Sep

*Have you ever*

Danced in the rain: Yes!

Tripped and had an embarrassing fall: Yes! I fell flat on my back outside the largest shop on the main street in Stockholm I was alone and no one helped me up which made it so much more humiliating! Falling off the sofa just sitting there talking….TWICE in a row…(after a few gin & tonics – but still).

Smoked: Yes.

Got drunk: Yes.

Gone skinny dipping: So many years ago!

Been in a car accident: No.

Been in love: Yes! It is worth all the ache.

Met the President: No, and I don’t want to met him either (the Swedish one, that is).

Met a celebrity: Sure.

Cried over a movie: Ofc, many times!

Laughed so hard you cried: Lol, definetly many times with my bff 😉

Lol, this pic was the only I could find of us on this computer!

Cried for no reason at all: Well, it sure have felt that way many times but I’m sure there’s always a reason for feeling blue.

*the last*

Thing you said: Hej då, vi hörs! (Bye, talk to you later!) – on the phone.

Thing you ate: A pizza and fresh tomatoes.

Song you heard: Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – Relator.

Movie you saw: Made my boyfriend watch Waitress with me.

Cd you bought: Oh…that was a long time ago…the last mp3s I bought was Asha Alis latest album…

Book you read:  Currently reading En ängel vid mitt bord – An Angel at My Table by Janet Frame.

Phone call: from my mom.

Person you yelled at: Probably my BF, lol ♥



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