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11 jan

11 Jan

I’ll try not to upload way too many photos of Moriko, but she’s one of my favorite motifs ^^ So as you probably already noticed the theme of 2012 is macro photos…little details of my everyday life. I’m thinking 2013 will be the year of wide angle lens photos (that would give me sufficient time to save up for one) ^^


2 jan

2 Jan

A day off. Bought new lipsticks, tanned, ate healthy food, exercised, yoga and cooked dinner.

Amanda….what a great name!

24 Nov

In love with these! John Fluevog: Amanda.


Even more in love with these!

My favorite nail polish from OPI (for fall)

16 Sep

Opi – shim-merry chick.
Depend – (as base) nr 188
Owl-ring from H&M

Some Tokyo Street Style fav.

15 Jun

managed to get my resent favorites down to four:


2 Jun

Boy am I paying today for going to the university yesterday ;_; The day before yesterday I felt how I was getting better but today I’m actually worse! I can barely speak! Buuhuu. And my BF sick now to. I’m so annoyed that when I just started blogging here again all I can write about is my nagging about being sick. I’m sorry about that! I promise to be more creative when I feel better and I’m trying to do my best to get rid of my stupid cold.

I have no energy at all and since I couldn’t go out and buy shoes I’ve been browsing some online. So here comes A LOT of pictures of shoes with a huge range in style (all the pictures are from

I have always liked Fly London’s special style, some more than others of course. One thing I like about their designs is that all their heels looks easy to walk in.

These I might get. I like how they both make a statement but are simple at the same time – see what I mean?

I really like this kind of heel and I think it’s rare to find a good looking shoe with that kind of heel. I like this shoe though.

Every time I’ve seen shoes from Irregular Choice I’ve always thought that they seem over the top with to many colorful details until to day when I took my time to really look at them. I don’t think I would be able to wear most of them every day but I would still like a pair. (A bit too expensive though). I like when you wear something a little more crazy to a simple or classic outfit.

Just look at that heel! Wow!
Say what you want about Jessica Simpson but I happen to love some of her shoe-designs. Here are some examples:

I’m not sure I would be able to walk in these, ha ha, but I love the design. And I just love the shape of the heel on the shoe below.

I really wanted these last winter. I still like them but not as much. It was so slippery this winter and it would have been impossible to keep balance in these.


30 May

I’m actually feeling worse today so I guess I have to take back that it’s kind of nice being at home. My BF has been cleaning the apartment today and I feel bad for just lying in bed. It’s so annoying when there’s so much you want to do but you don’t have the energy. But I know I’ll get better soon and now it’s not long until my classes are over and I’ll have much more time to spend as I wish. I want to re-organise my closet and all our book-shelf…I have a long list of things I wanna do 😉

I’ve been looking for some new shoes to wear with maxi-dresses and long skirts. I want something like this:
I like chunky wood heels. I also found a very cute necklace. I’ll probably won’t buy it but I really like it!