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Cinemagram @ app store

13 Sep

My BF and I have plans to make cinemagrams and 3d art gifs. We’re both at  home sick, but now we’re so excited about it that we might go out and try it anyway. Just found out about the cinemagram app at app store – so far only available for iphones. It’s free so look it up and try it out 🙂



17 jan

23 Jan

9 Nov

News from Don Rob on Vimeo.

Beautiful Audrey

13 Sep





source unknown

Some Tokyo Street Style fav.

15 Jun

managed to get my resent favorites down to four:

Asos inspiration 2

14 Jun

I gone a little shopping-crazy lately so I need to just STOP for a while but I realized that I could probably make one of these collar-ribbons om my own with the things I really have at home.

I think this is very cute but I would not be brave enough (or comfortable) to wear it except maybe on the beach over a bikini.

Skirts skirts skirts

28 May

All from ASOS

I usually never go for clothing with sequins on them but I’ve been liking it more and more lately and i I actually like this skirt and would buy it if it wasn’t so expensive.
I’ve also been more drawn to some shades of pink.
I like this style, but I’m not sure I could pull it off.

The first one is too expensive and the other two are out of stock in my size (I’m very petite). But here’s a skirt I might actually add to my latest order:

I’m not sure about which colour to choose. I guess the black one is the safest one.