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13 Sep

I love fall and the beautiful colors and sunlight it brings with it!


Todays lunch break with Moriko

10 Sep

Moriko enjoying the late summer sun

6 Sep

14 jan

23 Jan

11 jan

11 Jan

I’ll try not to upload way too many photos of Moriko, but she’s one of my favorite motifs ^^ So as you probably already noticed the theme of 2012 is macro photos…little details of my everyday life. I’m thinking 2013 will be the year of wide angle lens photos (that would give me sufficient time to save up for one) ^^

8 jan

9 Jan

Home in our own apartment again. It’s like Moriko finally can relax. She sleeps like a log, like she’s exhausted from our couch-surfing in Stockholm. She finally let me sleep the whole night trough as well. When we get to a new place it takes awhile for her to relax during the night, the watch-dog in her take over and she reacts to every little sound she’s not use too.

3 jan

4 Jan