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13 Sep

I love fall and the beautiful colors and sunlight it brings with it!


Never be that tough

12 Sep

when I first met you
back in December
I think I thought I knew
I knew better

but now spring is around us
feels like a change is really happening
and everything is possible
I should know by now
you have to surrender to love

don’t turn your back on love
’cause you could never be that tough

when I looked at you
it’s like I could remember
that this goes on and on
forever and ever
there’s nothing we could do
to make it better

don’t turn your back on love
’cause you can never have enough

one day you’ll find
maybe this time
you could lose everything
and it would still be alright

don’t turn your back on love
’cause you could never be that tough

Simone White – Never Be That Tough

Never be that tough
by Simone White and Samuel Bing

Todays lunch break with Moriko

10 Sep

Slow day

10 Sep

My BF is sick, probably the flue or something like it. I hope I don’t catch it as well but I have no energy at all today.

All about me – part 2, Favorites

8 Sep


Color: classics like black and white but also warm fall colors.

Food:  Japanese, Italian and Swedish.

Candy: Oh, so many! Lol. I eat too much candy!

Movie: Tree I can think of right now – Amélie från Montmartre, Waitress and Wonder boys.

TV Show: Five I can think of right now: True Blood, Six feet under, Arrested Development, Big Love, Community (My two guilty pleasure shows are Real Housewives of New York and Bachelorette). I guess my taste in both movies and tv series is (are?) mainly drama and/or comedy.

Actor: Ewan McGregor.

Actress: Natalie Portman.

Favorite Author: Haruki Murakami, Monica Fagerholm, John Ajvide Lindqvist.

Band or Singer: Though one! Here’s a few: Blur, Clash, Asha Ali, Tindersticks, Smiths, Fatboy Slim, Miss Li…

Song: Too many to name! But here’s a few: Fire on the mountain – Asa, Dance with me – Nouvelle Vague, My Sister – Tindersticks, Hurricane, Warm Fronts – Asha Ali, Here comes the sun – Nina Simone, Come to Me – Koop. Check them out NOW! ♫ ♪

Holiday: Christmas and Easter ♥

Season: Late summer – early fall!

Day of the week: Don’t know, maybe Thursday because you know the weekend is just around the corner, but both my BF and I work most weekends :/

Store: Panduro Hobby and Lush.

Restaurant: Perhaps Koh Phangang  in Stockholm, haven’t been there for years though…not a huge fan of food/eating out -_-

Sport: Does yoga count? If not, maybe swimming!

Animal: Dogs, dogs, dogs!

Flower: Roses, tulips, lavender…

…heather is lovely too.

Moriko enjoying the late summer sun

6 Sep


6 Sep


We went hiking yesterday to this lovely place with a frog-pond. The frogs were nowhere to be seen but we took so many pictures of the lovely landscape there! My SD card is now full so I have a lot of work to do! But first a cup tea and a walk with Moriko.