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Lomo sunday

27 Nov

Självporträtt/Self Portraits

1 – 3.  Diana F+, instant back, splizer, color flash
4. Diana F+, instant back, double exposure, color flash
All. Fuji instax mini film


Lomo sunday 4

9 Oct

Lomo sunday 3

2 Oct

A photo from December 2010. I’m still exhausted from yesterday.

Lomo sunday 2

25 Sep

Spring 2011. Moriko was so happy all the snow was gone!

Lomo sunday 1

18 Sep

From now on, every sunday I’m going to post some of my lomo-photos. In the beginning it will be old ones but I hope I’ll be able to post more resent ones later on.
These were taken in the beginning of spring 2011 with my supersampler.