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13 Sep

I love fall and the beautiful colors and sunlight it brings with it!


Todays lunch break with Moriko

10 Sep

Dreamy flowers

15 Jan

Lomo sunday 2

25 Sep

Spring 2011. Moriko was so happy all the snow was gone!

110924 in pastels

24 Sep

Lomo sunday 1

18 Sep

From now on, every sunday I’m going to post some of my lomo-photos. In the beginning it will be old ones but I hope I’ll be able to post more resent ones later on.
These were taken in the beginning of spring 2011 with my supersampler.

The Golden Half

26 May

About the holga flash. I’m very happy with my Diana flash but I wanted a flash that was smaller, sturdier and the best thing – the color filters are stuck on the flash – no need to worry about loosing color gels! As I mentioned I haven’t seen the photos yet but one thing I can say is that I’m not completely happy with it. The light that’s suppose to tell you that the flash is ready to shoot doesn’t always work and the flash takes for ever to load! So I know I have some completely black photos on my roll -_-


I’m so excited to see how the photos tuns out. I probably should have waited with this post until I could do a full-cover review but I couldn’t wait!

The funny thing about that order was that everything matched perfectly!