26 Sep

you can now find me @ okashii.se


As I wrote before – I moved to okashii.se hope to see you there!



14 Sep

Moved to www.okashii.se !!!

I feel terrible

14 Sep

I’ve gotten worse and have not moved from under the blankets on the couch today. I am working on FINALLY moving the blog. The new address might be pretty obvious but I will give you the link when I finished changing the design a bit!


I probably feel like Moriko did this day…if not worse ;__;


13 Sep

I love fall and the beautiful colors and sunlight it brings with it!

Cinemagram @ app store

13 Sep

My BF and I have plans to make cinemagrams and 3d art gifs. We’re both at  home sick, but now we’re so excited about it that we might go out and try it anyway. Just found out about the cinemagram app at app store – so far only available for iphones. It’s free so look it up and try it out 🙂


Never be that tough

12 Sep

when I first met you
back in December
I think I thought I knew
I knew better

but now spring is around us
feels like a change is really happening
and everything is possible
I should know by now
you have to surrender to love

don’t turn your back on love
’cause you could never be that tough

when I looked at you
it’s like I could remember
that this goes on and on
forever and ever
there’s nothing we could do
to make it better

don’t turn your back on love
’cause you can never have enough

one day you’ll find
maybe this time
you could lose everything
and it would still be alright

don’t turn your back on love
’cause you could never be that tough

Simone White – Never Be That Tough

Never be that tough
by Simone White and Samuel Bing

The lillies are still in full bloom, you know

10 Sep

Way back when I used to live in Japan these were two popular songs on MTV Japan