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Animal Crossing City Folk

27 Sep

Animal Crossing is so relaxing…and cute! Even though I had this game for years I still haven’t played it during November so I’m looking forward to pick mushrooms soon! (You can do that every day during November). Here are some game-play screen shots from this summer. I played a lot together with my friend Jessica.


In the museum

Super tanned! I love this hair-style ^_^

A map of my town. Following this guide I’m going to try to get a perfect town. I think it was much easier in WW (the ds version). I don’t play wii as much (don’t have the time either). It only grows rare mushrooms when you have a perfect town so I’m hoping to get it perfect before November is over (hope that’s possible). ♥


Whish List – Sep 2011

25 Sep

Dress, Boots, Coffee/tea- and cappuccino mugs, Watch

Lazy sunday

25 Sep

Make up off, glasses on, sweatpants on, tea changed to hot chocolate. I’m ready for a lazy Sunday.

Lomo sunday 2

25 Sep

Spring 2011. Moriko was so happy all the snow was gone!

110924 in pastels

24 Sep

Sunny day

24 Sep

On this morning-walk with Moriko

It’s a good day. Beautiful weather. I still have a cold but a bit more energy. It’s a special day in my town today, we call it culture night, there’s different events and cultural activities  going on in town the whole day and night. I’m usually involved with it in some way and out and about the whole day, but this time we’re taking it easy. We had a relaxed morning and are soon gonna go into town for a while. I would like to go out to night but I’ll just get sicker so we decided to take it easy.

Last night we watched the season premiers of Big bang theory and Community. And after dinner we ate dessert and watched The Godfather II.

You tryna mess with me?

24 Sep